Organic Fig Cider

Fi Cider Set

Organic Fig Cider

Fig is known as world healthiest fruit. After making to cider, it keeps good benefits of maintaining cholesterol and triglyceride, reduce risk of coronary heart disease, prevents hypertension, aids digestion. Works better when taken after meal.



  • Organic Fig Cider DrinkFig Cider Drink

Usage : Take 1-2 bottles per day. Refrigerate for better taste. Shake well before drink.


  • Organic Fig Cider 100% ConcentrateFig Cider Concentrate

Usage :
- Take 2 tablespoons (30 cc.) after meal to help digestive system.
- 30 cc. before bedtime will eliminate body pain
- 60 cc. will release constipation.
- Dilute 60 cc. to water, add honey and ice to suit taste.

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