Organic Mulberry Cider

Mulberry Cider Set

Organic Mulberry Cider

Mulberry is known as blood builder and tonic. More over it improves vision and is very
effective skin food for clear skin and hair tonic keeping dark hair. Prevents flu and
cold. After fermentation as cider, it cleanse and detoxify heavy metal from blood, aids
digestion and reduce constipation. After dilution in water and honey added, keep in
fridge. It will quench your thirst in hot sunny days and aids digestion when drinking
after meals.



  • Organic Mulberry Cider Drink

Usage : Take 1-2 bottles per day. Refrigerate for better taste. Shake well before drink.


  • Organic Mulberry Cider 100% Concentrate

Usage :
- Take 2 tablespoons (30 cc.) after meal to help digestive system.
- 30 cc. before bedtime will eliminate body pain
- 60 cc. will release constipation.
- Dilute 60 cc. to water, add honey and ice to suit taste.


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