Whe Globerry contains a blend of young mulberry leaf extract with wheatgrass powder and burdock root powder. It’s super effect on kidney improvement function could be noticed by elderly who has problem with night urine. The full effect of  Whe Globerry can be noticed with one week.

Whe Globerry has properties of:

  • As detoxification and cleansing, improves liver function, acts as anti cancer
  • As blood purifier and blood cleanser, build blood
  •  Helps remove toxins through sweat glands
  • Good for arthritis, reduce swelling around joints and knees, rheumatism and gout.  Good for osteoporosis
  •  Helps rid calcium deposits and promote kidney and liver functions, prevents kidney and gall stones
  • Aids balance of Yin & Yang in the body.  Helps alleviate hot flashes

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Usage :

1 sachet 2 times daily before meal.

50g. / Package (2.5g. (5 tablets) x 20 sachets)
Price: 850.00 TH BAHT