WHE GLOW (Tablet)


WHE GLOW (Tablet)

Whe Glow  contains wheatgrass powder and burdock root powder, both are alkaline food.  It’s perfect Yin & Yang combination ratio supports each other to have a perfect result usage.The amino acid content, enzyme content, vitamin and mineral content in both raw materials plays an important part of your best health. Burdock root is used as food and medicine in cultures all over the world because it contains inulin, mucilage, sugar, fixed and volatile oils, and some tannic acid.  It also contains vitamin A, B complex, E and minerals like copper, potassium, silicon, sulfur, and zinc.

Whe Glow has properties of:

  • As blood purifier and blood cleanser, build blood,  best for leukemia patients
  • Helps remove toxins through sweat glands
  • Good for arthritis, reduce swelling around joints and knees, rheumatism and gout.  Good for osteoporosis
  • Helps rid calcium deposits and promote kidney and liver functions, prevents kidney and gall stones

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Usage : 1 sachet 2 times daily before meal.

50g. / Package (2.5g. (5 tablets) x 20 sachets)
Price: 850.00 TH BAHT