Whe Green (Granule)


Whe Green (Granule)

Whe Green is 100% pure wheatgrass powder made from whole young wheatgrass grown in green house with organic media. Whe Green wheatgrass delivers the highest chlorophyll, enzymes, and minerals suitable the body.

Whe Green has properties of:

  • Blood purifier, Blood builder
  • High Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging process
  • Anti-cancer factor
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Stimulates renewal of RNA and DNA
  • Help repair damaged heart and artery tissue
  • Anti – Allergy

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2 sachets to one cup water (200 ml.) 2 times daily before meal.

40g. / Package (2g. x 20 sachets)
Price: 750.00 TH BAHT